Wednesday, December 14, 2022

2022 Jambalaya Challenge Results

The second edition of the Red Stick Fly Fisher's Jambalaya Challenge has now come to a close and what a year it was! 

For those unfamiliar the Jambalaya Challenge is our yearly fishing contest in which participants (free and open to all RSFF members) try to catch as many species with their fly rods as possible. Diversity of species is the name of the game in this contest and that's what we hope to highlight - all the different fish you can target and catch with a fly rod.

This year we had 16 participants who submitted 189 entries, with 75 different species being represented! This year participants caught fish in 13 states and across 3 countries.

2022 Jambalaya Challenge Final Adult Standings

1st - Chris Williams - 55 species

2nd - Brian Roberts - 38 species

3rd - Ben Roussel - 27 species

4th - Murray Neames - 16 species

5th(tie) - David Rogers, Jack Lithgoe - 8 species

6th - Joe Conachen - 7 species

7th(tie) - Glen Cormier, Pete Sturgis, 

               Randy Leonpacher - 6 species

8th - Kevin Andry - 5 species

9th - Laura Hoffmann - 3 species

10th(tie) - James Wallbillich, Patrick Berrigan, 

                 Sydney Dobson - 1 species

2022 Jambalaya Challenge Final Youth Standings

1st - Marin Roussel - 1 species

Congratulations to Chris Williams on finishing first two years in a row! He upped his species total from 43 last year to 55 this year and when you think about it that's more than 1 different species a week! What a year!

Congratulations are also in order for our first youth participant Marin Roussel! She may have competition next year as her sister is already chomping at the bit to get out and catch some fish herself.

The most common fish entered into the contest were bluegill, largemouth bass, redear sunfish, longear sunfish, green sunfish, redspotted sunfish, warmouth, rainbow trout, spotted bass, and speckled trout. 

Much like last year the fly that caught the most species was the venerable Clouser's minnow. That fly catches just about everything! Other flies that were well represented were the Concordia Special, Woolly Buggers of all types, the Hot Head Damsel, and various beadhead nymphs, poppers, and soft hackles.

Each entry into the Jambalaya Challenge earned a separate raffle ticket, those awards were presented at the December meeting held this past Monday, several folks went home with some great prizes. If you want to get in on the action next year you are in luck because the 2023 edition of the Jambalaya Challenge will start on January 1st!

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