Wednesday, October 30, 2013

November 2013 Program - Fly Casting with Roger Del Rio

The November 11th RSFF program will present a unique fly casting training event for attending members and visitors thanks to our own Roger del Rio. Roger was one of the first RSFF members who showed me the casting ropes so I know personally that he is an excellent casting instructor. He is an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor and has given instruction at a variety of events for the RSFF including Hunting and Fishing Day, Fly Fishing 101, and the Red Stick Day Conclave.

For the November RSFF program event, Roger will introduce us to the Orvis casting/teaching tool uniquely designed for indoor use.  Roger will give an introduction for all meeting attendees to the Orvis teaching tool and discuss some casting pointers that the tool can help improve in everyone's casting.  Following this, Roger will open the program up to anyone who wants to try out the Orvis casting and teaching tool to help improve their casting.  Roger has said that the Orvis tool is a good way to both get started in fly casting and for the more experienced casters to correct errors and improve their casting stroke. For the program, we will move to the back of the room and clear some chairs so we have a straight corridor to do some indoor casting.  So if you need some help on your fly casting technique or just want to see what is new in fly casting instruction, you won't want to miss Roger del Rio's program.

--Dugan Sabins, RSFF Education Chair

Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 Fall Catch-n-Eat Marsh Outing Nov 8-10

by Randy Leonpacher, Saltwater Chair 

Once again it's time to begin getting your plans together for the RSFF Fall Saltwater Catch & Eat. Traditionally this trip has been the #1 trip of the year in terms of fish caught.

Most veteran members know the format.  For the new folks, fishing takes place along Highway 1 from Galliano south to Grand Isle.   Find a partner(s) then group with others who fish by your style - boat, off-road, puddle craft at your designated fishing spots.   Everyone handles their own reservations at a favorite place of stay. Popular places are Boudreaux's Condeauxs, Galliano Inn, Catfish Lake Cabins, Days Inn all of which are in Golden Meadow.  Also popular is Boudreaux's in Leeville and  Blue Dolphin Inn in Grand Isle.  Here is web link providing Lafourche parish accommodations:

The location of the Saturday evening fish fry will likely be (as usual) Boudreaux's Condeaux's in Golden Meadow.  However, if we get more folks at another location then we will consider moving to that location.
The menu for Saturday evening fry... The main course will be fresh fried fish fillets, shrimp, potatoes.  We ask that everyone who catches enough fish make a fresh fish fillet contribution.  Folks often ask if they can bring something to the fry.  The answer is yes, but this is OPTIONAL!!!!  The main course is well covered.  I would instead suggest hors d'oeuvres, snacks, salad, cookies, dessert, etc.   But again, bringing something to share this is OPTIONAL.  However, please DO BRING your own softdrinks or alternative beverages.  You may also want to bring a couple of folding chairs as seating is limited.

This event is open to all current RSFF members.  Also, current members of other recognized fly fishing clubs (we do check). You can bring a guest.  There's more details in the October newsletter as well as the RSFF Forum.  Check it out, and if you wish to join us, send me an email to get on the mailing list.