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President Joe Conachen
225.226.1729 email
Vice PresidentGary Elbourne225.505.4997 email
Treasurer Ron Braud 225.572.8057  email
Recording Secretary     Mike LaFleur225.281.3218
CommunicationsGreg Cedotal225.229.8861 email
Fly Tying Sydney Dobson225.892.1613
Education Greg Cedotal
Events Pete Sturgis225.247.3129 email
Warmwater Emmit Simmons 225.335.4596 email
Saltwater Randy Leonpacher 225.769.1895  email
Coldwater Cole Miller 225.921.9192  email
Membership Greg Cedotal
Past President Gary Elbourne
225.505.4997 email

Other Contacts

Website Glen Cormier 318.793.5855 email
FFI Gulf Council
A.J. Rosenbohm
504.952.1340 email

Please send postal correspondence to:

PO Box 3761
Baton Rouge, LA 70821 

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