Friday, December 20, 2013

2014 Calendar updated

There's lots of activities happening again in 2014.  We've already set the dates for most of our activities, and updated them on our CALENDAR page.  Also, other clubs and groups have set their dates thru summer, and those dates are also on our Calendar.  Here's a few Red Stickers might be most interested in:

- Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Fest (Houston, Feb 1)
- RSFF Fly Fishing 101  (Feb 8)
- Little Mo Fly Fishing Fest (Murfreesboro, Feb 14-16)
- Red Stick Day (Mar 8)
- Acadiana Conclave (Lafayette, Mar 15)
- RSFF March Brown trip (Murfreesboro, Mar 22)
- RSFF Spring Concordia weekend (Apr 11-13)
- Paddlepalooza (Apr 11-12)
- Natchitoches Fishing Expo (May 3)
- RSFF Spring Catch-n-Eat (May 16-17)
- Grand Isle Weekend (June 27-29)

And many others not on this list.  Check the Calendar for updates.

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