Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rainbeaux trout have arrived!

Every year around Christmas, BREC does their annual stocking of rainbow trout in select ponds throughout East Baton Rouge Parish.  Last week, the trout arrived!  Stockings took place at Burbank, Perkins, Forest Park and Zachary Community Park.  Also new for this year, Ascension Parish has stocked their pond at Lamar-Dixon.

The best flies have been black or olive woolybuggers in sizes 10 and 12.  But once the trout get acclimated to the natural food items, a wide selection of flies will work, including parachute adams and black gnats.  Already the trout at Perkins Pond seem to be acclimating, as a good number have been caught-and-released on parachute adams sizes 14 and 16, mostly in the afternoon.

Rainbeaux trout are a coldwater species that can't survive our summer heat.  However, they provide terrific action - with lots of leaps - on winter days when native species are dormant.  As always, we recommend releasing these fish for now, and keeping them starting in February.  These trout can survive until late March or early April.  The more fish released now, the longer we can enjoy rainbeaux trout! 

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