Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Meet your 2024 Directors

Red Stick Fly Fishers is celebrating its 36th year as a club, and we're off to a great start with several events set for 2024. The new Board of Directors is busy planning out monthly meetings and tying sessions, as well as traditional activities such as Red Stick Day, Concordia Freshwater trips (Spring & Fall), Marsh Catch-n-Eat trips (Spring & Fall) and more.

There are also new activities in the works. Our new Casting Director Felipe Martinez is planning to hold frequent casting sessions, for both beginners and those willing to learn a new technique or two. Our new Conservation Director Robinson Almeida is working with other organizations in the area on a variety of projects. For those with a few hours open on a weekend, participating in one of these helps improve your skills or contributes to the improvement of the natural habitat we depend on to enjoy our sport.

President - Brian Roberts
Secretary - Jack Lithgoe
Treasurer - Ron Braud
Communications - Chris Williams
Past President - Pete Sturgis
Fly Tying - David Rogers
Education - Joe Conachen
Casting - Felipe Martinez
Warmwater - Emmitt Simmons
Saltwater - Randy Leonpacher
Coldwater - Cole Miller
Membership - Ben Roussel
Conservation - Robinson Almeida
Events - Gary Elbourne
International Travel - Ken Holmes

If you have any questions regarding any activities or seeking info in certain skill areas, please feel free to contact one of our directors.

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