Tuesday, August 15, 2023

August 16th Flies & Flights

This month's Flies & Flights will be on Wednesday, August 16th. Location is Rally Cap Brewing (11212 Pennywood Ave, Baton Rouge, LA) starting at 7pm.

F&F is an independent collective of tiers just looking to tie and enjoy a social gathering with some fine brews. While not affiliated with Red Stick, it was hatched by a few club members as an alternative to a traditional meeting environment. Everyone is welcome!

This month we'll be featuring a few of David Rogers favorite sheepshead flies, so be sure to come out and add a few new weapons to your Cajun Permit arsenal.  We'll have materials on hand for the featured patterns, but as always, feel free to bring materials for any pattern you're currently working on. 

Bring your vise, tools and some materials if you have those.  If not, we'll have plenty of tools, vises and materials on hand for those looking to learn. Or just come and watch and enjoy some cold drinks and fine discussion!

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