Monday, August 15, 2022

August 17th Flies & Flights

The next Flies and Flights night is scheduled for this Wednesday, August 17th, at Rally Cap Brewing beginning at 7:00pm.  Location is 11212 Pennywood Ave in Baton Rouge.

F&F is not affliated with the Red Stick club, but all members are invited.  This is an independent collective of tiers just looking to tie and enjoy a social gathering with some fine brews.  Anyone can come and join in.  Bring your vise and materials to tie your favorite patterns if you'd like.  Or just come join in for some great company and a cold beer.  

For those looking to learn, there will be some spare vises and materials on hand.  This month, we'll have some materials to tie a pheasant tail nymph, a popular trout fly also effective for sunfish.

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