Thursday, February 3, 2022

2022 Jambalaya Challenge goes live!

Our Jambalaya Challenge is back for a second year.  Jamb-C kicked off February 1st and runs until midnight November 31st.  We've started a month earlier this year so that any rainbeaux trout caught in local ponds can be included.

* Please note that the form currently shows 2021 but can still be used for 2022 entries.

Like it's namesake, Jambalaya Challenge is a mixture of diverse elements... a contest where size doesn't matter, but diversity does. It's a members-only, months-long tournament where the goal is to catch as many different species on fly rod. It's CPRE which means catch-photo-release encouraged. And best of all, there is no entry fee!

Are you ready?  Here's what you need to compete:

  • Be a 2022 member of Red Stick.  If you haven't joined or renewed, you can still post entries but have until March 31st to get your membership paid.
  • Go to the Jambalaya Challenge page and review the rules
  • Have your camera or smartphone available when fishing
  • Take photos of your catch and include either the fly rod or fly, or both
  • Log them in using the links on the Jambalaya Challenge page.
  • While members who log the most different species win prizes, all other participants are eligible for consolation prizes.  Each entry gets you one ticket into the consolation drawing.  

Check out our website and Facebook page during the year for frequent updates.

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