Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Jambalaya Challenge goes live!

Our first-ever "Jambalaya Challenge" has kicked off. No, it's not a cooking contest, nor an eating one. Rather, it's a fishing contest where size doesn't matter, but diversity does.  So get your diversity training on!

The concept is simple. Each time you catch a different species of fish on fly tackle, take a photo of the fish with the fly and/or tackle. Then come to this website, click on "Jambalaya Challenge" page, click on the entry form link, and enter the catch details.

At midnight on November 30th, whoever has the most entries wins. However, every member who entered fish will get one "ticket" for each fish they entered. We'll draw from those tickets for various prizes. So everyone has a chance to be a winner...just by entering fish!

Here's what you need to compete:

  •  Be a paid 2021 member of RSFF
  •  Go to the Jambalaya Challenge page and review the rules
  •  Have your camera or smartphone available when fishing
  •  Take photos of your catch and log them in using the links on the JC page.
  •  Bring your enthusiasm!  Remember, while catching the most different species wins, everyone who participates can win prizes.

We encourage members with Facebook profiles to also report their contest catches on our Red Stick Fly Fishers group page. At the end of your post use the tag #jambalayachallenge.