Monday, September 28, 2015

Fly tying Monday night at Orvis

Our next fly tying session will be this Monday, September 28, at the Orvis store in Perkins-Rowe in Baton Rouge. Time is 7:00pm.

Fly tying co-chair Jeff Denig is happy to report that we'll be tying the EP Floating Minnow - correctly - this time! This is one of the flies that Dr. Vic Tedesco, our last meeting speaker, said he uses during the Fall/Winter.

Also we will be tying a takeoff on the EP Finger Mullet / Fat Boy Mullet. Jeff will provide a couple of examples of how to "finish" the flies cone shaped flexible head. Due to the drying time, need for ventilation and varied cost of the methods - you'll have to experiment and determine your favorite "finish" at home.

Jeff also recommends Clear Mono Fly Tying Thread if you have any - since it "disappears" when tying sparse EP Fiber type files. Also, - a Comb - is pretty helpful when tying EP Fiber Flies. As always - a quick drying superglue is good for EP as well.

See you Monday!

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