Fly Tying

Fly tying is the craft of binding materials to a hook to create lures. There are many reasons to tie flies, such as the fact that only a small fraction of all flies are sold commercially. The best reason? Nothing is more gratifying than catching a fish on a fly you tied.  There are many self-learning resources available: books and DVDs (some available at libraries), websites, Youtube.  However, the greatest benefit comes from hands-on sessions.  

Our tying sessions are held on the 4th Monday of each month. A featured tier demonstrates one or more of their favorite fly patterns.  It may be flies they have created, or used with success, or which attendees may have fun learning to tie.  These sessions are open to the public. 

Time is  7:00pm to 9:00pm

Location (depends on month):
Cabelas   - January, April, July, October
Bass Pro  - February, May, August, November
Orvis      - March, June, September, * December (2nd week)

The "Tying Bench" Newsletter

Offering tips and techniques, recap of the previous tying session, and info on upcoming sessions, The Tying Bench is the official newsletter of the Tying Committee (PDF format).

J's Minnow - pattern developed by Jerome Hebert for large bluegill (540k)

June 2012 - Mylar Spoon Fly & Dragonfly, tiers Jack & Suellen Lithgoe (434k)

February 2012 - Verduin's Dead Drift Damsel, tier Kyle Moppert (215k)

December 2011  - Fish Xtractor, Cajun Tickler (136kb) 

November 2011  - LaFleur's Charlie (158kb) 

October 2011  - Panfish Predator, Foam Spider (661kb)

September 2011  - Dirks Crystal Flash Bendback (2.1mb)

August 2011  - Gary's Z-Lon Crab Fly (169kb)

July 2011  - Circus Peanut articulated fly (1.2mb)

June 2011 - Borger Spin Dubbing Streamer (507kb)

April 2011  - Briminator, Red Rump (2.6mb)

March 2011  - Flexo Mullet Fly, Suspended Shrimp (2.1mb)

February 2011  - Light Spruce, Parachute Adams (434kb)

January 2011  - Coma Spoon, Crystal Shrimp (1.1mb)

December 2010  - Panfish Predator, Concordia Fluff Butt (476kb)

Official publication of the Red Stick Fly Fishers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Sponsor Clinics

Our friends at Bass Pro, Cabelas and Orvis routinely conduct fly tying sessions. These are FREE and open to the public. In some cases, registration may be required.  Check the RSFF Calendar for specific dates and times:

Bass Pro - General tying clinic, 4th Saturday of each month, except November and December. Time 9:30am to 11:30.

Cabelas - General tying clinic, dates vary but always on a Saturday morning, check calendar for specific dates.

For these sessions, bring your own tools. Instructor will provide materials. Beginners are always welcome!


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